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NixFrixShun : Local Bicycle Shops and Dealer inquiry welcome

NixFrixShun is reaching out.  We want you, riders, to have NixFrixShun Ultimate Chainlube and NixFrixShun Race grease for you at your LBS.  Home is where the heart is amIright or amIright?If you are a shop or dealer please create an account at >>  www.nixfrixshun.com and shoot me an email at :contact AT nixfrixshun DOT com [...]

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Ballers Ride 2015 V6 May 22 to May 25

Once a year NixFrixShun digs deep into the war chest to sponsor a little shindig for bicycle industry. Below find the bill of affairs for 2015:Ballers Ride 2015 V5 5/22 - 5/25Make your deals and appeals or whatever it takes to get the time off from what-ever-the-eff-it-is-you-do NOW to be at Ballers Ride 2014 [...]

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NixFrixShun Race Grease: Ready to ship 2/28/15

FINALLY!  NixFrixShunRace Grease is ready for shipping this friday Feb, 28.  You waited this long and won't be sorry.  NFS Race Grease is a over-the-top product that is designed to work supremely for bicycle pawls and bearings.  If you dab a little on your cables and assembly bits it is overkill...in a good way.Friction fighting, [...]

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NixFrixShun Gets Curated For The Holidays

Put some lube under the tree but only for the naughtiest and the nicest.Once again, we're pleased to present our annual gift guide—and, as always, it's a one-stop list for all of your gift-giving needs this holiday season. Sure, Core77 is a longtime authority on design and object culture, but we often find ourselves looking [...]

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BallersRide Sponsored by NixFrixShun 2014

Once a year NixFrixShun digs deep into the war chest to sponsor a little shindig for bicycle industry.  Below find the bill of affairs for 2014:Ballers Ride 2014 V5 5/23 - 5/26 - Ballers Ride 2014 5/23 - 5/26The date is set, you know you want it baby. Make your deals and appeals or whatever it [...]

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Ballers - Who we are

Ballers atmo -Getting together with Josh, and David, and Jon, and Zanc, and Darren, and Craig, and Tom, and Gary, and Wayne, and all the other cabal-istas doesn't happen enough atmo. We have been riding together for years, always in different places, and always hard. Boys will be boys, and all that. The Ballers ordeal [...]

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BallersRide - A fairly concise recap

It is on! I’ve been looking forward to these three days for more than a year now, and Ballers Ride 2.0 is finally here. I’m rolling south with ten grand worth of bikes on the roof of my Jeep, and I can feel the trappings of upper-middleclass society slipping away more and more [...]

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Stuck in the middle again - Gary Smith / Independent Fabrications

Gary Smith, Independent Fabrication & BaileyWorks Inc.Stuck in the Middle Again…After missing Ballers 1.0, I made a huge effort to get to the 2012 weekend. Notwithstanding my participation being limited to a one-day engagement, bracketed by 12 hour drives, I had to be there.A few hours into Saturday’s big ride, I began asking myself [...]

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How Custom Bicycle Framebuilders Build a Village - Tom Kellogg / Spectrum Cycles

Tom Kellogg, Spectrum CyclesBy TT’s definition, I am a Baller. I’ve been frame building full time for thirty-six years and riding an average of five to seven thousand miles a year over those years. So do I feel like a Baller? It depends. As I listened to the talks given by [...]

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NixFrixShun - The backstory

Here is the backstory...sorta. I think it was before my last transcontinental I was hanging at Haldeman's house and he was bitching about the fact that he can not find a chain lube that will last one entire 600K in the rain. He said that without blinking as if it was something that should be [...]

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