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NFS+ Ne+Ultra Chainlube *Availability October, 2015*


NFS Ne+Ultra is something we have been working on for three years and it is finally ready.

Our new chainlube is clear, odorless, biodegradable, non-toxic and shares many of the same amazing chainlube properties as NFS Ultimate Chainlube.

We recommend NFS Ne+Ultra in all situations where you want the best bicycle chainlube available with added benefits.

Nitty Gritty Details:  Apply NFS Ne+Ultra sparingly.  We recommend 15 drops applied randomly to a clean chain than distribution by rotation of your cranks until thoroughly worked into all the links. Finish by wiping the side plates with a cotton cloth and GO RIDE!

NFS Ne+Ultra will play well with other lubricants however we recommend you start with a very clean chain.  Use simple green, hot water and a brush than let the chain dry before applying.  If you wish to have the full benefit of a odorless, colorless chainlube we recommend you begin with a chain that has all traces of petroleum products removed before applying NFS Ne+PlusUltra.

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