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Philly Bike Expo: The World's First true odorless colorless nontoxic biodegradable bicycle chainlube

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NixFrixShun: Less is More

November 9, 2015

NixFrixShun is back again at the Philly Bike Expo and they've chosen this venue to debut their newest products. NixFrixShun, NFS for short, is already well known for their flagship product, NFS Ultimate Chain Lube. Probably the only chain lubricant on the market that tells you to use less of their product for maximum performance.

“You don't need a lot of NFS compared to our competitors who tell you to use a full drop on every chainlink when relubricating a chain. We recommend 15 drops applied randomly to a clean chain. Rotation of your cranks works NFS into all of the links. Finish by wiping the side plates with a cotton cloth and go for a ride,” says Josh Simonds, owner and inventor for NixFrixShun.

In addition to their chain lube, NixFrixShun also sells an ultra-high-tech grease that is great for bearings, races and threads, but is also free-hub safe, so it won't interfere with the action of the pawl. Ah, and Josh points out, “It's a red grease, and we all know red means it's faster.” Perhaps that's the rationale behind the name, NFS Race Grease.

There's even handlebar tape in the NixFrixShun booth, which, at first glance is not a logical item to be paired with bicycle lubricants. Simonds explains, “NFS was borne from necessity. I needed lubricants that wouldn't break down in wet conditions. For me the holy grail was a chain lube that could survive for at least 24 hours of riding in a constant rain. I created that with our Ultimate Chain Lube and have carried that idea throughout the product line. Our bartape has a lot of wonderful properties: it's wide, it wraps easy, the rolls are long for wide handlebars, and it's very grippy. Our NFS Speed Shop branded tape actually gets grippier when it's wet.”

NFS's newest product, NFS Ne+Ultra is something Josh has been working on for three years because he felt the market needed an odorless, colorless, biodegradable, non-toxic alternative to petroleum-based lubricants. “Ne + Ultra is something I just had to do. I specifically formulated it to be an Earth-friendly product, but I didn't want to compromise. I made sure it shares many of the same amazing chainlube properties as NFS Ultimate Chainlube.” Josh bottled the first consumer batch of Ne+Ultra just in time for the Philly Bike Expo, but he's been testing the product for more that two years using a network of ultra-distance cyclists and mountainbikers who have provided feedback which help refine the final product.

So what's next for NixFrixShun? Josh Simonds will only reveal that he's always working on something.

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